, Colour Inspiration from Around the World

Colour Inspiration from Around the World

There are certain colours that just belong to specific countries- think lush rolling green hills in Ireland or the unmistakable blue and white of a Greek landscape. If you’re struggling to decide on a colour scheme, why not try looking to your favourite country for some inspiration?

Plascon’s 2018 Colour Forecast consists of 4 exciting colour stories. We’ve taken each of these and shown you which countries and cities we think they’re inspired by, as well as given you some tips on how to channel the styles for your own home.

1.Colour Story One : Exotic Euphoria

This beautiful colour collection reminds us of the lush jungles of Brazil or Sri Lanka. A combination of bright pops of colour and earthier natural colours, creates a feel that is both luxurious and bursting with energy.

If you’re not keen on super bright walls, why not try a calmer colour from this story on most of the walls and then create a feature by painting small areas or furniture pieces in a bright hue. An interesting option would be Mellow Blue (B4-C2-2) with accents of Tangerine Tango (O3-A1-1) and Caribbean Current (G6-C1-2).

2.Colour Story Two: Soft Composition

This combination of muted, calm and bolder hues, echoes the ever-popular Scandinavian look. Try using a combination of Beijing Moon (63) and Hudson (26), both part of Plascon’s ‘Essential Collection’, with whitewashed wood floors and pale wood furniture to achieve a truly Scandinavian style.

Alternatively, these tones would work very well with the sleek New York apartment look – just add some rougher elements like exposed brick or metal. Perhaps try a feature wall in the intense Storm Cloud ( B4-C1-1) or, for a really warm and modern look, combine Julianne Jade (G5-E2-1) and Merry Go Round (R4-C1-1).

, Colour Inspiration from Around the World

3.Colour Story Three: Craft Spirit

Rich reds, blues, yellows, oranges and browns all collide to create a chaotic yet coherent style which fits in perfectly with the beautiful colours of Morocco or Mexico. Plascon’s Rooibos ( R6-C1-2) is a fabulous option in this story. It may seem very bold but it’s actually surprisingly easy to live with, creating warmth and intensity without feeling overwhelming. When combined with a rich brown like African Mud (O2-E1-1), and accessories in other earthy colours and textures, you get a space that makes you feel like you might have stepped into a Marrakesh market.


If that’s not quite your style, try out the exquisite blues , namely Inuendo ( B3-B1-3) and Ocean Melody (B6-D1-2). Those combined with Tuscan Wall (Y1-B1-2) and other yellowy tones, will create a beautiful space that is creative yet calm.

, Colour Inspiration from Around the World


1.Colour Story Four: Hi-Glo

This slightly off the wall selection of brights makes us think of the extreme colours of places like India, but also the bold and contemporary style of some European cities, like London and Amsterdam.

If you’re feeling brave, try painting a wall in Hot-N-Spicy (R6-B1-1) and combine with Antique Petal (43) or Madonna City (Y1-E1-3) to ground the colour. A room painted in Citrus Breeze (Y6-A1-4) and Kiwi Salad (Y7-A1-2) would look just as fresh and bright as the names suggest. Add some bold contemporary furniture and artwork to tie everything together.

, Colour Inspiration from Around the World


Even if you don’t have any travel plans on the horizon, creating a home that’s inspired by your dream destination is at least a step in the right direction. The experts at City Paint and Tool will guide you to the perfect colour!

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