, Going Bold with Colour this Spring!

Going Bold with Colour this Spring!

While there’s nothing wrong with a coat of fresh white paint, sometimes you need something more exciting to give your home the wow factor. In the spirit of Spring and fresh starts, we at City Paint and Tool challenge you to try out an exciting new colour! Just in case you’re feeling hesitant to pick up the brush, we’ve busted a few myths for you:

1. Bold or dark colours only work in big spaces

Not necessarily – in fact, sometimes a really bold rich colour can transform an otherwise boring small room into a really special jewel-like space. A small room is also a safe place to try out an adventurous colour as it’s less likely to overwhelm you.

2. There are only certain colour combos that work

This isn’t really true – colours that are traditionally seen as clashing can actually work very well. The secret is all in the specific shade of the colour. City Paint and Tool’s colour experts will be able to help you find the perfect complementary tones for your favourite colour combo! For some great colour options, have a look at Plascon’s Easy Living Wall Master Matt or Easy Living Multi Surface Sheendepending on the surfaces you’re working with and the finish you’re after.

3. Dark walls make you feel depressed

Colour is a personal thing so some people do prefer lighter spaces but City Paint and Tool’s experts believe that a bold, intense colour can in fact feel very inspirational and warm. Your choice of furniture and soft furnishings also plays an important role here- if everything is very dark and heavy it will naturally make the paint colour feel more oppressive.

Lighting also makes a huge difference; a room that gets a lot of natural light will potentially cope better with a bolder colour than one which is dark to start with.

4. Using bold colour means you have to keep everything else neutral

Not so – sometimes the best way to make a bold wall colour work is to have a variety of colours and patterns in the same room. Just be aware of the darkness of colours so that you have enough light accents. Perhaps try painting doors and skirtings in a lighter colour for example.

5. All walls in your house need to be the same colour

While you can certainly find a shade that works in your entire home, this can be very limiting as you may understandably be hesitant to live in an entirely hot pink or bright red home. There’s no reason why you can’t have both neutral and bold walls. Another tip from our experts would be to paint all your doors, skirtings and so on the same colour throughout the house as this is a good way to unify different coloured rooms. Check out Plascon’s TradePro Gloss Enamel range which is perfect for doors, window frames and trims.

A feature wall is a great compromise – you get the excitement and interest of a bold or dark colour without it taking over the whole room. The challenge here is to make sure that the shade used on the feature wall works well with the other walls in the room. That’s exactly where City Paint and Tool can help – our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you create a seamless look.

Going bold can be intimidating, but remember, it’s only paint – if you don’t like it, it’s an easy fix. Of all the décor elements it’s the cheapest and easiest to change so why not take a risk? Having said that, with the great advice you’re guaranteed to get from our staff at City Paint and Tool, we’re pretty sure you won’t have any regrets!